Completed Projects


Completed Projects


by Thameside Enterprise

Financial Literacy programme

(March 2014 to March 2016)

Funded by Hounslow Council Regeneration team. Over two years;


  • 50 businesses mentored (six hours per business)
  • 18 various Financial Literacy workshops
  • 164 attendees for all workshops (9 on average/ws)


  • Improvement in skills and confidence were measured
  • Average skills and confidence of business owners ability to analyse and manage their business finances increased two levels from “Not very Good” to “Good”

Hounslow Innovation Programme III

(Jan 2013 to June 2014)

Using skills learnt in business to help VCO’s develop new sources of income as a result of reductions in grant funding.

Business London programme
(Funded by the LDA and ESF, in the 5 years to December 2010)

  • Helped Hounslow residents to set up 150 businesses and,
  • Create 200 jobs in the borough
  • In total some 1275 Hounslow residents were advised during this period.

Outer London Fund

(Oct 2011-March 2012)

Funded by the Mayor of London, project managed by Hounslow Town Centre Manager. Some 50 existing businesses were supported and received in total nearly 200 hours of support while the various workshops attracted 80 attendees.

Hounslow Innovation Programme II

(Sept 2011 to July 2012)

A mixture of workshops and 1:1 bespoke business advice and support (funded by Hounslow local authority). A target of 24 Hounslow residents to start their own business by August 2012 was met plus some 94 residents attended start-up and marketing

St Mary’s University

(Sept 2011 to March 2012)

Visiting lecturer on ILM accredited Business Start-up course. Out of 10 attendees, 8 students went to set up their own businesses.

Kingston College

(April to August 2012)

Providing business start up workshops in marketing and financial for a DWP programme run by Kingston College who chose TE to be their delivery partner. Out of 12 attendees on the programme, 9 unemployed people set up their own businesses.

DWP self-employment programme

(Run over 21 months to Dec 2010)

Some 30 Hounslow residents successfully signed off JCP and became self-employed.

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