Focused on the next 12 months


Focused on the next 12 months


by Thameside Enterprise

What is it?

SMARTPlan is focused purely on the next 12 months – how to; clarify the 3 or 4 key goals, determine the delivery strategy and produce realistic milestones and dates.

Why do it?

• Helps you identify & prioritise on 20% of actions that drive 80% of the outcomes of the vision for the year ahead
• Helps the organisation to really focus on the goals and strategies to deliver

Learning Outcomes

• Be more effective in prioritising the must do deliverables and avoid work overload
• As a CE, be more confident in demonstrating to Trustees what your focus should be
• Provide greater clarity over the targets and roles to staff, funders and residents
• Create increased openness / transparency – for the organisation in term of roles, support requirements, timescales

“SMARTPlan is a great way to really prioritise your workload – and a simple way for Trustees to see what your focus should be over the coming months.”

Taz Nagra, HVC

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