Summarise organisational development


Summarise organisational development


by Thameside Enterprise

What is it?

Target is a one page “word picture” or vision that summarises the organisations development and performance over the next three years.

Why do it?

  • A well thought out vision creates a sense of purpose for the people who make up the organisation
  • The maximum benefits only come when it is shared and understood by all stakeholders
  • Staff, stakeholders, etc. all need to understand what their contribution is and what they will gain personally from its successful accomplishment

Learning Outcomes:

  • Challenges whether an activity is a waste of time and or money
  • Stops you from working on a month to month basis
  • Helps to focus on and demonstrate sustainability
  • Provide a broader outlook to where the organisation is heading
  • Helps to think outside the box – what else could be

“Working on the Target three year plan feels scary but scary is good because it means I’m not being complacent. I’m getting out of my comfort zone of just doing what I can and I’m now trying to find new ways of moving the organization forward. I can see how as the leadership of the organization I can be the constraint but now I’m not limiting the organisation by my own limitations”.

Joanna James, Chair, LIFE Hounslow.

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