Client feedback


Client feedback


by Thameside Enterprise

“Working on the three year plan feels scary but scary is good because it means I’m not being complacent. I’m getting out of my comfort zone of just doing what I can and I’m now trying to find new ways of moving the organisation forward. I can see how as the leadership of the organisation I can be the constraint but now I’m not limiting the organisation by my own limitations”.

Joanna James, Chair, LIFE Hounslow

“I find the coaching sessions give my ideas and plans a sense of structure. When you are on your own my ideas and discussions are all within my head. The coach not only gives me to chance to get those ideas into the open but I am given plenty of options to consider; how to do it, where to go, etc. As a result I have a clearer way to see a situation and how to progress. I also get challenged on the financial impact of my decisions and this analysis helps me to be clear about the need to be profitable.”

Fernando Jose Ferreira, owner, Ftherapy Ltd

“I’m not great with figures and having a fair understanding of the annual P&L  accounts, I found the cashflow forecast was a completely different kettle of fish. Understanding the cash flow has opened up so many options for me. I now have a much deeper understanding of how the financial aspects of business work and how I can affect it. I’m thinking completely different now. Much more strategic. I would absolutely recommend the mentoring”

Dr Duv Nar, DNA Dental Health Care

“The biggest advantage of the mentoring is that while I have so many plans I’m worried about making the wrong decisions. The 1 to 1 sessions meant I could discuss the different steps I had in mind for the investing in the business and how to take it forward. The yes / no advice gave me the reassurance I needed to just relax and go for it.”

Zulfi Ahmed, Tragopan Security Ltd

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